The snails way to choose what to believe in.

Humans have two ways to choose what to believe in.

  • The first is the « intuitive system » which is rapid.
  • The second is the « analytic system » which is slow.

In the intuitive system, we need to trust others. We prefer to trust expert. But it’s never 100% sure. Because, we know than we can fail about who to believe.

And about death topics… Who have many proper « lived » experiences around us ? None !


The analytic system is better to have your own opinion.

It required to have proof, arguments, it required to calculate, to make your own researches…

It’s the one to use for important things and the one to be sure by yourself.

But it could be extremely long. It may require over your lifetime.



In fact, what is the most difficult, is to choose which system use.

For important things we mostly choose to use the « analytic system » when a topics don’t stick with the beliefs than we already have.

But, the “dangerous”* part it’s when important topics stick with the beliefs than we already have. Because in this case, we are very attempted to pick the « intuitive system » strait away. And it’s the moment where we are the most susceptive to make important mistakes. *Remember mistakes are still learnings

We have to be careful about self persuasion.

If you are interested in critical thinking , you can follow this You Tube channel. It’s called « Mental Hygiene »

On it, you will find about the two system through the article « The two speed of thinking – the Bullshitometer »

(You may need to pick the English subtitles in You Tube options)



The snail’s ways to believe

Because the « analytic system » is way too long to use and because the « intuitive system » is way to random, snails use two other ways to choose what to believe in.


They believe in causes/consequences successions :

Which means than each reality is logical.

When something is true everything is perfectly aligned.

You will never find any incoherences or contradictions. Not even one.


Wonder yourself if you have already experienced to have someone lying to you.

Did you haven’t found some or many contradictions than you has difficultly understood ?

Wasn’t it because it was just wrong ? And do you remember, how things got magically logical straight away, when you had got the truth ! Have you ever felt that too ?



They observe the nature of their body sensations and feeling as confirmation :

When you are able to watch on the deepest about causes, you will realize than right things always feel good and wrong things always let you a bad sensation in the stomach. Even before the moment when you have realized why.


Body sensations and feelings can be useful indicators about rightness.



Don’t forget about impermanence of things

Nothing is forever. Everything are constantly changing.

So, snails don’t believe than we can know something for good.

So, they cannot concieve the ideas to have an « illumination kind of thing » because that would mean to know everything at once and forever.


We have to keep in mind than we never know.

Nothing is permanent. « Truth » as well.



It’s easier to know what is wrong than what is true.

We know when is wrong since we found a single contradiction.

But, we never know when is true for sure.

What is considered as « true », is something than you are still not be able to prove as wrong.


Something can seem true for long, but you will never know if it will be true forever.

Maybe not…



Keep in mind than we never know

Be happy about it, because it’s what make life as a travel.


The only permanent thing is « impermanence » itself.

That means than we will always have to learn.

And that’s great because it’s what make life interesting and happy.